Name Your Request

Give your request a great name

The first step of submitting a request is to give your request a great name. When choosing a name, be as descriptive as possible.

If you have a unique size you need, include your size right in the request title!

Here are some sample request titles:

  • Summer sale Facebook post
  • Event flyer for a yoga festival
  • Packaging for new protein bar product
  • PDF Lead Magnet layout
  • 2" square sticker
  • Cycling team t-shirt
  • Business card refresh
  • Google leaderboard ad - Product X
  • Blog featured image (456px x 200px)

Write Your Description

You can now enter in any instructions, copy, and assets for your creative team. 

You can now add your description with an easy way to bold important text, add code and put your request in an ordered list. This'll allow you to better "structure" your description out so your designer can quickly understand what you need.

There is also a new copy field separate from the description. This will help your designer better differentiate your copy from the rest of your request.

If you have a copy or assets, this is the place where you can add it.

Submit Your Request

Once you're done adding all your info, go ahead and submit your request!


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